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Best Seller

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Ms. Hazel

Our top seller! Chocolate mousse with crispy hazelnut wafers on top of a Devil's food cake

Lemon Kiss

Candace's favorite! Chiffon cake with lemon mousse and a layer of white chocolate

Chocolate Wasted

Dark chocolate crunchy hazelnut crust layered with dark chocolate mousse in the center

Lady Bug

Raspberry mousse with pistachio center on top of almond sponge cake

Pick Me Up

Devil's food cake covered with espresso cheesecake on top a graham cracker crust, topped with whipped mascarpone and cocoa powder

Basil Blush

Lemon Mousse filled with basil and blueberries puree on top of almond sponge cake

Love at First Sight

Rose mousse filled with lychee creme brulee on top of almond sponge cake

Weekend Getaway

Chiffon cake with white chocolate mousse filled with passion fruit jelly

I Dream of Kitty

Orange creme center, surrounded by jasmine white chocolate mousse and covered in a white chocolate shell

Wicked Witch

Chocolate cake with chocolate mousse and a brandy-soaked cherry filling

Snow White

Devil's food cake with a layer of brandy-soaked cherries with white chocolate cinnamon mousse

Canary Diamond

Chiffon cake layered with a honey-lavender mousse and chocolate caramel pearls, covered with salted caramel toffee

Red Tuxedo

White chocolate mocha mousse with raspberry jelly center on top of devil's food cake


Spiced pumpkin mousse on top of a layer of gingerbread cake

Mr. Peanut

Peanut butter crunch covered with dark chocolate mousse on top of devil's food cake


Crème de menthe mousse layered with Devil’s food cake
on top of Oreo crust

Naughty Kiss

Red velvet cake layered with rich dark chocolate mousse and cream cheese mousse

 ​Sheer Romance

Chocolate mousse with strawberry jam on top of 

dark chocolate cake


Some of our cakes are seasonal only. Please contact us for the current featured flavors! We offer large size cake upon request.

Candace’s take on the classic French pastries with a twist of unique flavor combination using only premium ingredients.  Every cake is a brilliant work of art where taste, texture and decoration exist in perfect harmony.  Oh did we mention they are low sugar and low calories?

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Best Seller

Ballerina Berry

Chiffon cake covered with strawberry cheesecake on top of graham cracker crust

Trophy Wife

Hazelnut sponge cake layered with mango and covered with white chocolate mousse

Crazy Monkey

Chocolate mousse filled with fresh banana puree and glazed bananas on top of Devil's food cake

Darling Mango

Mango mousse filled with mango puree and fresh diced mango on top of almond sponge cake

Crush on You

White chocolate mousse with layers of strawberries. A layer of Devil's food cake is hidden inside

The Hulk

Devil's food cake on a hazelnut crunchy crust covered in green tea mousse

​Make Out Session

Strawberry mousse covered almond sponge cake, filled with a strawberry kiwi center

Prince Charming

Devil's food cake covered with chocolate cheesecake on top of a graham cracker crust


Chiffon cake on a butter-cookie crust, covered in a tofu cheesecake and topped with a caramelized crust

Love Child

Chocolate mousse filled with vanilla creme and rum-soaked raisins on top of Devil's food cake

​Sugar & Spice

Chocolate cake layered with chili-chocolate mousse and brandy-soaked cherries

Sweet Surrender

Hazelnut crunch cake with toffee-nut mousse topped with a candied-poached apple slice

My Angel

Coconut vanilla mousse with honeycomb toffee center, on top of almond chiffon cake

Fall Harvest

Caramel mousse filled with poached green apples on top of chiffon cake

Dark Fantasy
Double layer of Grand Marnier soaked chocolate cake, topped with chocolate and Grand Marnier mousse

Tangled Love

​Salted caramel mousse with raspberry jelly center
on top of devil’s food cake


Mango mousse with honey yuzu center on top of

almond sponge cake